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twist at crawford

Posted on 28 October, 2015 by in cocktails, dessert, food, food review, fusion, occasion, spanish, tapas | 0 comments

the last time i caught up with mY good friend marc must have been about a year ago when i returned from teaching english in thailand. it’s always the same story… i choose and he pays. can’t beat that! well, i always offer to pay but he never allows it.

financially, it’s not been a good year for me and so i’ve not been able to continue my foodie adventures as often as i’d like. alas, marc was in town and i knew this was the opportunity to pick someplace new and good!

after some careful digging online – i made sure i didn’t pick a place that would burn a hole in both our wallets – i stumbled across twist at crawford nestled somewhere in between marylebone and edgware road. on crawford street to be exact =P it serves up sharing dishes known as tapas but with a twist (get it?).

oh mY… how did I describe this to a friend the very next day?

“man i’m still trying to shake off the lovely feeling i felt last night when i was eating there… that feeling when you got laid for the first time in a while ha!!!! i’m practically glowing!!!”

it’s by far one of the best places i’ve eaten at this year! it’s something special… perfect for a date night or casual catch up with friends. non pretentious and low key with moderately high prices but very worth it!

like always, marc was late and so i needed something strong while i waited (patiently). i ordered their special cocktail, its name has left me but it had a lot of coconut liquor in there. forgetting to stir, i stupidly drank from the straw which had all the alcohol sitting at the bottom of the glass! i wondered why i felt a little tipsy and hot within minutes!

some very strong cocktail heavy on the coconut liquor

some very strong cocktail heavy on the coconut liquor

when marc arrived, he had a beer before moving onto a bottle of red to share. we were recommended by the lovely waitress the primitivo, fatalone, gioia del colle, puglia, italy ’13 priced at £36.

the dish and star of the night was the wagyu beef!!! you could choose to have 45g or 90g. you’d be crazy not to go for the 90g. described as “intensely marbled, with a unique flavour…” it indeed was! there was a smokey taste to the beef and i couldn’t quite place what it was. priced at £31, it wasn’t cheap but you would not be disappointed.


wagyu beef with its intensely marbled and unique flavour

everything we ate left us nodding with appreciation, moans could be heard and a lot of “oh mY god”‘s came out of our mouths. like i said, that feeling when you got laid for the first time in a while!

they recommend between 2-3 dishes per person but here is what we ordered: padron peppers, fleur de sel (£4.90), jamon iberico potato frittes, sweet chilli pepper aioli (£4.40), lightly seared thin slices of wagyu beef with homemade soya and honey sauce (£31), yellowfin tuna tartar, yuzu, togarashi spice yogurt (£9.90), seared black kingfish sashimi, leche de tigre, coconut milk, aji limo (£8.50), smoked cured duck, wild quinoa, caramel goat’s cheese, orange culis (£9.50), skirt steak – marinated with smoked garlic, parsley, olive oil (£9), braised handmande toulouse sausage, garlic au jus, purple tender stem broccoli (£9.50), burrata, heritage tomatoes, andalucia gazpacho (£9), fried courgette flowers filled with ricotta, mint, amalfi lemon and honey (£9.70), fine beans, garlic and chilli (£4), fleur de sel chocolate tart (£6.50), and passion fruit pannacotta (£6).


14 dishes, a cocktail, a beer and a bottle of wine between us later, we were in a very big food coma! the bill came up to £170 but we were not surprised.

if you haven’t made a reservation there by now or it’s not even on your “places to eat” list then i have seriously failed!


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £40pp (if you don’t have big stomachs like we do)

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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