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balham lodge – pop up

Posted on 22 November, 2014 by in cheese, food review, pop ups, swiss | 0 comments

i was very lucky to be able to secure a table at jimmy’s latest pop up – balham lodge. it was a lunch time table but i’ll take it! with most nights fully booked, i was grateful that it was at least on a saturday. you can keep up to date with jimmy’s upcoming events and pop ups here.

knowing full well the boy loves cheese and his fondues, i knew there was no one better to take. tucked away in balham just off the high road and a minute’s walk from balham station you come across a tiny venue looking very much like a lodge. inside, you get that cosy feeling you do when you walk inside a lodge – earthy decor and undertones from wooden tables and chairs to skis and animal fur on the walls.

the lodge

there isn’t a great deal to choose from on the menu but that’s a good thing. i mean, you should only come here for the fondues, it’s no brainer. however, if you’re not a fan of cheese then fret not, there are alternatives to choose from.

tom and i shared the starter – pan fried scallops with beetroot and some other bits and bobs. it came out looking very pretty on a slate for a plate but because we ordered this, 1. it took ages to prepare and 2. meant we waited even longer for our fondue #marvin!!! there’s something about ordering pan fried scallops whenever it’s on the menu… they always tend to taste the same but the quality of the produce is always excellent. it’s a safe option.


alas, when the fondue finally came, we were in cheesy heaven! i love cheese but i am no cheese connoisseur – i can’t stand really strong smelly cheese! this was mild enough for me. i was also very afraid that the premise would smell awfully pongy but it didn’t. the only downside was that the fondue was quite thin and the mushrooms (we paid extra for) didn’t really make any difference to taste.


with enough potatoes and croutons to go through, i was in some serious food coma afterwards! i even fell asleep on the train journey en route to meet tom’s sister (mY first time meeting her) and i could barely be the bubbly sociable person i am. luckily for me, emma had lots to talk about *thumbs up*

even though i was at mY limit (shocking!), there was still room for dessert. we shared the apple crumble. another pretty mess on a slate for a plate – lots of lovely layers of thin apple slices and plenty of crumble. i have to admit, we struggled to finish this one and look how tiny it is!


we ended the meal with some hot alcoholic beverages. tom went for the mulled wine because how could you not(?) and i went for some baileys-creamy-marshmallow concoction. both drinks were heavily boozy but great! then we were out!


i think the pop up will end sometime in january 2015 so book a space asap!!! there were plenty of people walking in and trying to make reservations and i could overhear staff telling them “fully booked”.

thanks jimmy! i look forward to the next pop up!

p.s. this was mY first proper fondue!!!


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £25pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ 

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