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red’s true barbecue

Posted on 6 August, 2014 by in american, food review, leeds | 0 comments

mY first trip to leeds to see the boy and after four and half hours on the coach, i was marvin! (that’s starving). tom took me to a place called red’s true barbecue for lunch. it’s situated right in the center of leeds and alongside the beautiful leeds corn exchange. “let there be meat” is definitely the right phrase! i was stuck for choice!

upon being seated i couldn’t help but notice and admire the array of sauces…i do luuurve condiments!

reds 1

i didn’t take too long in fairness to decide and ordered the smoked brisket & bbq gravy sandwich plate with a side of nachos. tom went for something that doesn’t appear to be on the menu anymore so i can’t remember but it looks like a hotdog on a bed of slaw and some other stuff topped with mustard ha. he also ordered a side of their bbq pit beans (sweet, smokey beans finished in the smoker for 12 hours. laced with burnt ends, pulled pork, onions and spices).


the food was really heavy and i’m sure it’s no surprise when i tell you that i didn’t finish mY meal. i did wash it down with some sweet-ass jamaican mojito though – i needed the drink after a long ride! the food wasn’t anything special and i can definitely say i’ve had better. if you’re really hungry, i would suggest coming here to fill that void.

one thing i do regret is not going for their donut burger instead! next time i will have to because i’m still waiting on brian to make me his infamous krispy kreme burger! girl has cravings bri!

all in all, i enjoyed that afternoon catching up with tom, we even managed a selfie photo op =D

reds 2


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £15pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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