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pizza east

Posted on 23 July, 2014 by in food review, italian | 0 comments

finally finally finally! i got mY mac ‘n’ cheese fix!!! woop woop #party! another to check off the list… only three months later.

on the second night tom was in london, we decided to treat ourselves. well he had no choice, i really wanted an expensive £9 mac ‘n’ cheese from pizza east in shoreditch!

mac 'n' cheese

no idea what cheese goes into it but every time without fail, i die a little inside with each taste! the cheese is is burnt to perfection and it’s so stringy when i tuck in!!! the mac is always soft and everything is just… perfect!!! nuff said!

sorry, i had to introduce mY main before beginning to describe our starter! that’s how excited i was to eat it once again and live to write about it =P for starters we shared a selection of cured meats and some stinky cheese made with cow and goat’s milk. stinky because i hate goat’s cheese! tom made the error of ordering it when we panicked at the news of burrata cheese being sold out! nooooo! that was another thing i was most excited about! the salame tartufo (truffle salami) was to die for!!! i’m still working on getting tom to identify its smell and taste. a trip to milan back to that restaurant that served truffle on everything is in order!

cured meats

tom ordered a massive and very well worth it crispy pork belly priced at £16 as his main. it was huuuge!

belly pork

it was served on a bed of broad beans, spinach and drizzled with some kind of herby, caper mix. so good! crackling was crunchy and meat so tender. that’s the biggest challenge… you can’t boast crispy belly pork on the menu and it be dry and chewy!

is it weird that neither of us ordered a pizza? i’m not actually a fan of their pizzas, i find them quite greasy and a bit too salty. doesn’t mean they don’t fly outta that hot stone oven! the man in charge of the pizzas looks like a don! we would know as we sat at the bar in front of the ovens.

i am yet to eat their lasagne… again another one of mY fave oven dishes made by them! tom boasts he makes the best homemade lasagne so i’m waiting until that day comes! tom… winter is coming. =D


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £10pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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