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pearl’s & lily vanilli cocktail and cake club

Posted on 22 June, 2014 by in british, cake, cocktails, dessert, food review | 0 comments

on tuesday 17th june pearl’s cocktail bar and lily vanilli’s sweet treats teamed up to create a delectable, experimental evening at the cat & mutton in east london. it was a nice intimate event where friends were able to catch up while drinks and dessert were brought to your table. tickets came at a price of £25 but it was well worth it!

i went with my cousin kim and upon climbing those winding flight of stairs up to pearl’s, we were greeted by an attractive male host (of course sweet treats has to be served by yummy staff). he checked us off the guestlist and gave us our tickets to a complimentary cocktail each (nice!). we sat fairly close to the bar and counter tops where cocktails and cakes were laid, it was a good and bad idea: aesthetically pleasing but made me very impatient “where’s mY cake???”

cocktails took a while to arrive, i’m sure the lady who took our order forgot about us but it came and we were not disappointed. alcohol concentration was considerably high and it didn’t take long for mY face to turn red!


kim went for the pear & earl grey martini (earl grey vodka, pear liqueur and bitters). i wanted the same – we’re both suckers for all things earl grey – but decided we should try something different each. i had the mixed berry old cuban (raspberry, blackberry, mint, lime and prosecco). both were very punchy but refreshing. if you wanted additional drinks, cocktails were going for £6 each.

the treats kept coming after that and here’s our verdict on each:


1. beetroot hazelnut cake with beetroot flower – what a pretty first choice. it was very moist and not too sweet. i loved the poppy seeds!

2. pear, black sesame & earl grey semifreddo – it was very sweet (i like desserts but not when it’s too sweet) but it was light which made it easy to eat. i didn’t see ginger in the name but there was definitely ginger in there (the red bits on top). the spice was a nice contrast to the sweet creamy texture.

3. courgette, raspberry & coconut macaroon – i didn’t like this one. it was really dry and the coconut didn’t help. i think the courgette was supposed to help moisten the cake slightly but i’m not sure if it worked, i certainly couldn’t taste it. otherwise, from a girly point of view, it was really pretty.

4. basil strawberry elderflower cake – i waited ages for someone to bring this over. everyone else had a piece except for us. in the end i had to ask a lovely guy to help serve it ha! it looked so pretty and i love strawberries and cream (must be the british in me). when i ate it though, it wasn’t anything special. the flavours were mild and not too sweet. the strawberries and basil excited me about summer and the cake light and fluffy.

5. mulled blackberry granita – i love mulled wine and this tasted just like it but cold? the dark chocolate chips came crunching through every now and again, classy!

6. cake – there was a cake that they cut up and served. i’m not sure what cake it was but it was very plain, very simple and very nice. the sponge was moist and the icing the right sweetness. it beats one of those iced cakes you buy at the supermarket!

7. dark chocolate summer truffles – they forgot to serve us this one altogether. we had to help ourselves to it from the counter but there was only one left *sad face*. we shared it and it was ok. i’m not gutted that there wasn’t enough for one each. it tasted as expected: of dark chocolate. it was quite a warm evening so it was really soft and close to melting.

we had a lovely evening of catching up, i managed to let off some steam and it felt good shutting off from a terrible day’s work! eating and drinking is so much fun =D


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £25pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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