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Posted on 22 July, 2014 by in food review, sandwich, vietnamese | 0 comments

you don’t know how excited i was about taking the boy (tom) to try a vietnamese baguette in one of mY favourite places in london. i was highly disappointed i never got to try any in hanoi just a couple of weeks before! another restaurant to check off mY list.

kêu opened in 2012 and being only two years old, has taken the breakfast and lunch scene by storm! queues form all the way outside and the inside can get pretty packed out (it’s not a big place either). it’s part of the vietnamese kitchen group where you may know of their other vietnamese restaurants; cây tre in hoxton and soho & viet grill. the owners of these chains are very close friends of the family =)

we ordered two different types of bánh mì (sandwich or baguette in vietnamese. it is also the word for bread – such a broad term isn’t it?) and shared it between us – the good ol’ half and half method when you’re in a relationship. i must say i love it! i’m always the type who wants everything on the menu and always extremely happy when someone else agrees to share a few dishes with me =D

tom had never tried a vietnamese baguette before so the kêu sandwich (classic) had to be ordered. it had spiced belly of pork, ham terrine, chicken liver pâté and kewpie mayonnaise. as a couple, our interests differ greatly but one thing that we can both agree on is roast duck! we luuurve roast duck thus the roast duck sandwich served with hoisin gravy was also ordered.

i asked for it to be cut in half so that we could experience the best of both!


the bread was so fresh and crispy. i remember when they first opened and the bread recipe wasn’t perfected yet. it was pretty darn chewy and not so tasty. i can now happily confirm that their bread is perfect! the ingredients were also refreshing: fresh herbs, pickled veg and chilli. tom preferred the classic and i’m not surprised because we also luuurve pâté! the flavours in the classic was compelling! sweet, smooth, crunchy, pickled, salty, cold, warm and spicy – so much is going on inside your mouth that it’s confusing yet beautiful all at the same time!

you can’t stop there, a pricy but cooling jasmine ice tea (£2) helped me wash it all down nicely!

mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £3.75pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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