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jamie’s italian

Posted on 4 May, 2014 by in food review, italian | 0 comments

last sunday i met up with mY dad for dinner to catch up on the last seven months where i’ve been away in thailand teaching english. mY stomach decided it would be a pasta night and so i picked jamie’s italian from the list. mY brother datty and sister emily joined us as well.

this has been one of mY favourite spots ever since it opened in canary wharf back in 2009. i’m even a gold club member! only in this case, i forgot to bring the card with me for a free treat. the plus side is that i’ve been given £5 credit to use in the month of may woop woop!

we were seated immediately but service was quite slow as it was fairly busy. our waiter for the evening approached us 20 minutes later which in mY opinion is too slow. completely understand that it is busy but he should have acknowledged our presence and then apologise to us that there will be a delay (just saying).

now, every time i’m at jamie’s italian there is one thing on the menu i know to order straight away. you cannot keep me away from them and that is the world’s best olives! they are indeed the best i’ve ever tried. the firm and sweet green olives complimented the tangy black olive tapenade & crispy “music bread” that came with it.


the drink that i ordered was however, very disappointing. i have ordered the refresher non-alcoholic cocktail before but never has it been served with what tasted like 50% fresh lemon juice topped with elderflower cordial & cranberry juice, and then some more lemons from lemonade. it was so sour i couldn’t enjoy it, pulled a granny face each time i took a sip. i had to wait for the ice to dilute the drink before offering it to emily ha!

for starters we shared the meat plank between four. can’t complain here, it had a good selection of cured meats (fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto & schiacciata piccante), italian cheeses, pickles & crunchy salad.

meat plank

now comes the big part – the mains! i went for the honeycomb cannelloni 3 way which consisted of aubergine & sun-dried tomato, pumpkin, ricotta & spinach. the aubergine & sun-dried tomato was very bland which was surprising. i thought i would like that one the most being a massive eggplant fan but i could only feel the squishy texture rather than taste it. i contemplated whether there were actually any sun-dried tomatoes in there as that’s usually a powerful flavour. having said that, i enjoyed the other two. i am also highly critical of sauce to pasta ratio but they had it spot on!

datty and daddy (ha) ordered the jamie’s italian burger which came with prime british chuck & flank steak with smoked mozzarella, mortadella, balsamic onions, tomato, pickles & chilies. datty added funky chips with fresh garlic & parsley to his meal. the burger was no goodman steak but what do you expect with the price difference? the steak dried up pretty quick making it very difficult to eat and the chips were not crispy at all! soggy and greasy (eurgh!).

emily ordered the wild rabbit casarecce a slow-cooked ragù with garlic & herbs, mascarpone & lemon which she throughly enjoyed. or maybe it was because she was starving? hunger aside, why did she like it so much? the added breadcrumbs! they gave the dish a nice crunch to the meal which in contrast balanced with the tender rabbit meat. she found this version better to their last which had a different style of pasta and sauce. however, being a family who loves their sauces, there just wasn’t enough.


mY overall verdict is mediocre. i’ve not given jamie’s italian a high rating on this occasion but it’s not low enough to deem non recommendable. i think this was just the wrong evening to visit as i’ve had many great meals here before and i will continue to be a loyal customer. got to maintain mY world’s best olives fix somehow!


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £20pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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