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gone camping – pop up

Posted on 11 January, 2015 by in british, food review, pop ups | 0 comments

the art of dining is back and this year they have…

The perfect antidote to dark cold nights, lets relive the summer and go camping!

Put on your walking boots, pack your torch, fill up your hip flask and lets go on an adventure to find The Pickle Factory in East London. Each of the five courses designed by chef Ellen Parr will encapsulate the fun, experimental, sometimes charcoaled flavours of camping, taking you back in time to your family holidays.

this was mY first ‘art of dining’ pop up event and it was lots of fun. only problem was, i snacked on a big bag of crisps not long before the meal. i blame mY friend for this!

anyhow, we arrived punctually for this camping event in which we were both very intrigued about. located in hackney at the pickle factory, they had turned the venue into a “campsite”. there was laundry being hung, leaves and branches, a tent and long tables and benches. the entire space was communal which meant you dined with other guests and the bar was fully stocked. that’s what we like to hear.


the menu included a posh “pot noodle” which mY neighbour accidentally dropped all over mY boots. it got a bit of mY clothes as well and left me smelling quite beefy and limey (could have been worse like…fish sauce!). being the polite person i am, i didn’t make a big deal of it and continued the night as if nothing happened. if anything, i felt sorry for him because he lost half his meal!

next up we had a fresh avocado and bean salad in a can. the beans were really filling and i started to feel the effects of demolishing a big bag of crisps. after this we were given “breakfast” – a morocan flatbread and eggy dish which was really good. i could taste all the spices. by now, i was very full but the mains was yet to come. when “dinner” arrived, i was hit by a sudden fullness. there was a lot of grilled meat, potatoes and salad. dessert was a treat. not-too-rich hazelnut hot chocolate with marshmallows and bananas.

between each course we were immersed in drama and campfire singsongs. this livened up the evening and provided lots of fun. a goody bag with a whistle, plaster and matchsticks were laid in front of us and guests were more than happy to blow their whistle and get into the swing of things.

at some point in the evening, i had my friend spill red wine all over me as well! like getting pot noodles down me wasn’t bad enough. i know i love food but i didn’t realise food loved me too! fortunately for me, i chose the right outfit to wear: black jeans and boots, and a fairly dark quick dry top.

overall, the event was fun but the food ok. we felt awfully sick afterwards though, we blame the mixing of alcohol, me eating crisps and a lot of food.


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: £56.50 a ticket inc. booking fee

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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