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clockjack oven

Posted on 10 May, 2014 by in british, food review | 0 comments

don’t you just love trying a new place? tucked away behind piccadilly circus on denman street lies clockjack oven, a rotisserie chicken restaurant. i’m never keen on chicken, i don’t like nando’s that’s for sure but i was willing to try somewhere new. you know when chicken has been cooked to perfection. it was a friday evening and time to catch up with mY close friends, puiyi & rita. this message made me chuckle:

chicken on

it’s not a big place but they made great use of the little space they had. there was a long table made for sharing with different parties. i like the idea of people having to share a table, makes dining more interesting. reminds me, i need to take part in a supper club again at some point!

clockjack oven

puiyi and i arrived first. feeling a little peckish we shared the herb bites, crispy sage and onion balls, lightly fried ’til golden with the ranch sauce.

herb bites

i love stuffing! they were the perfect size and warmed the inside of mY mouth. mmm. the ranch sauce was so creamy and garlicky, just the way i like it! the smellier the better ha!

when rita arrived it was time to order the mains. it wasn’t so hard deciding on what we were going to have. after all, it was a rotisserie chicken restaurant. we shared a whole chicken (comes in ten pieces) with a side of double cooked crispy chips, house salad (crunchy lettuce & apple with herb bites), and heaped house coleslaw. complimenting them were the chilli sauce, bbq sauce and gravy. gotta love the condiments!

chicken and sides

this is where it goes slightly downhill. i enjoyed the company tremendously but the food was merrr ok. i don’t like nando’s and this felt like they tried to be a fancier version. clockjack oven boasts that their chicken are ‘plump, free range chickens prepared in a secret marinade recipe, then roasted in the rotisserie oven’. i don’t doubt that they were free range but what secret marinade recipe? it tasted quite plain to me that the sauces were definitely needed. the coleslaw was just a heap of red cabbage, chips were chips but at least crispy and the salad…had greens and herb bites in them so i thoroughly enjoyed that ha! is it really bad of me to say i enjoyed the bites the most even though i came for the chicken???

i couldn’t eat much in the end – suffering from a loss of appetite recently but puiyi did her very best. i believe she had four pieces which apparently meant she was hungry. i could only manage two. rita fancied some dessert and so we shared the chocolate ganache tart with crème fraîche.

choco ganache tart

as expected it was really rich and sweet. in mY humble opinion, i think that they should have served it with cream instead of crème fraîche as the combination of both sweet and sour gets lost in your mouth. the cream would have counteracted the sweetness of the tart making it easier and more enjoyable to eat.

even so, i was happy to try someplace new. the food was definitely fresh (we saw those chickens spinning around in the oven!) and the staff attentive. us girlies had a laugh which was all that mattered.


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £10pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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