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bob bob ricard

Posted on 7 June, 2014 by in british, food review, occasion, russian | 0 comments

for mY 27th birthday i decided to whet mY appetite at someplace i’ve never been to before. currently unemployed and “broke as a joke” (read happy birthday to me), what better excuse to blow some cash ey?

tucked away in soho just past golden square lies a restaurant serving an all english and russian menu called bob bob ricard. it’s a luxury restaurant set in an extravagant all-booth dining room giving you the vip treatment. so, if you’re looking to impress whether it’d be a date or a client meeting, this place won’t disappoint. they even had a button you could press for more champagne! the five of us should be so lucky…

champagne button

as tempted as we all were and especially mY friend wing who was sitting right next to it, we refrained! we’ve all been drinking far too much lately, more than our tiny asian livers can handle. drinks were scarily expensive though! we ordered a glass of their homemade lemonades; the cranberry & mint lemonade and apple & ginger lemonade (non alcoholic) for a whopping £8.50 each! wing ordered the strawberry sauvignon twinkle which consisted of russian standard, strawberry, lavender and sauvignon blanc for £11.50.


they’re more expensive than buying drinks in the west end clubs! as much as i’m complaining about the price and how much of a rip off it was, the drinks were ok. the lemonades were slightly too sour and wing’s cocktail tasted like juice, where’s the alcohol?

there was so much to choose from the menu that we couldn’t decide what we wanted. rita said that she was never certain what to do when visiting a new restaurant, do you attempt to be adventurous or stick to the what you refer to as the ‘safe options’? being quite the fussy eater at times, rita went for the scallops, black pudding and apple starter. i opted for the same as well. leena and wing ordered the crab salad with chilli avocado mayonnaise and mina the lobster pelmeni.


i loved the fact that we all like to share! it meant that i was able to try all the dishes that i wanted to order but couldn’t because 1. i wouldn’t have had the stomach for them all and 2. mY piggy bank wouldn’t allow it. the scallops were so meaty and the apple sauce sweet and sour. it took away the fishiness of the scallop and blended in so well with the salty black pudding. the silky, smooth, crumbly and crunchy textures plus the contrasting flavours of salty, sweet and tangy just blew mY mind.

the crab salad on the other hand was the complete opposite. it was very refreshing and light. the tomato base was naturally sweet and the biscuit top made the starter a lot more playful to eat. the lobster pelmini was quite simple but fully loaded! i was surprised at how generous they were with the lobster. i couldn’t taste much else and it reminded me of chinese dim sum.

the portions were perfect, we were thoroughly satisfied and ready for the mains! i ordered the chicken, mushroom and champagne pie with truffle gravy. they didn’t call me “mY pie in the sky” in school for no reason! rita and wing ordered the crispy pork belly with red cabbage, crumbled black pudding and truffle gravy. mina ordered the mariner’s fish pie and leena ordered the lobster mac and cheese. yum!


the chicken pie pastry was thin and crispy, just what i needed because the pie was so big i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to finish it all. otherwise, i would have much preferred a buttery filo pastry top. i loved the branding! it was a nice personal touch to the restaurant. the dish the pie was in was mahoosive but when you break into the outer crust, the filling was only half full. on first appearance i did think that it was misleading but after eating it, you don’t want any more! the chicken was tender and the sauce the right consistency. there were plenty of mushrooms which i love but other than that, it wasn’t different to any other pies i’ve had. i’m more than happy to go back to supermarket oven pies (i know, “sacré bleu!”).

the fish pie was very ummm fishy? it was creamy and a lot richer than mY pie. the smoked haddock gave it that special flavour you’d find in most good fish pies. i especially liked the scaly design on the pastry! it was very filling and mina almost gave up halfway. she prevailed and finished it and everything else on the table that we couldn’t! “i’m so full! (nom nom)”

from one seafood to another, we had the lobster mac and cheese! i’m yet to revisit pizza east for mY favourite mac and cheese! it was in a very small dish but don’t be fooled, it was very deceiving. leena couldn’t finish it and it was up to us to do it for her (oh how difficult that was *ahem*), you don’t need to tell us twice. i didn’t eat much of it but from the couple of bites i’ve had, i don’t recall there being that much lobster in there. but i did like that it wasn’t too cheesy!

the crispy pork wasn’t so crispy unfortunately. that’s mY biggest fear and why i don’t order crispy pork at restaurants. no one does it like grandmama does! but it’s because we eat crispy pork quite regularly that rita played it safe and ordered exactly that. she struggled to break into the “crispy” skin but it wasn’t that chewy when eating it. it didn’t look like much on the plate either but it was just right.

on top of our mains, we couldn’t resist ordering sides to share. being greedy and sharing a love for food, we ordered quite a bit; crushed minted peas, carrots and parsnips, truffled mash and lobster mash. i found the lobster mash too cheesy for mY liking but the truffled mash was delicious! i’m a sucker for truffle! the worst is when you order a dish with truffle and you can’t smell nor taste it!

struggling to breathe by the end of the meal, there is always room for dessert! this time we behaved and ordered three to share. between us we had a trio of crème brûlées, eton mess en perle (a dish rita and i never fail to order if it’s on the menu anywhere) and salted caramel ice cream on ‘salt of the earth’ (a salty chocolate crumble).


the trio of crème brûlées came in chocolate, passionfruit and earl grey tea flavour. being a big fan of tea, mY favourite out of the three was the earl grey. i was surprised at how it really did taste like the tea! i still can’t get mY head around certain things that are “infused” with other ingredients. sometimes i just can’t taste what they’re trying to sell. it goes back to ordering truffle dishes with no truffle flavour, a massive disappointment!

the salted caramel was standard. i’m not a big fan of it but it was quite subtle. it was the ‘salt of the earth’ that had the real edge. it definitely was salty! the eton mess was too sweet to mY liking but it was rather enjoyable watching the waiting staff pour the cream all over it. i was expecting the outer shell to melt but it didn’t “oh…” *sad face* wing and mina had the satisfaction of breaking it afterwards though.

not long after the desserts came out, a nice little surprise came mY way…


the service was impeccable, the staff very attentive and always at the ready. the downside to this was that it just felt like there was a lot of “faffing” about. too many staff members constantly at the table when you’re in the middle of a conversation, change in paper table place mats between courses which was unnecessary and a waste of paper in my opinion. it’s funny because if i wasn’t nitpicking and fussing over this, i would be complaining about negligence and lack of service. overall, i give them 5*.

i had such a lovely evening and boy did we pay the price! it worked out around £59pp and we didn’t even drink any alcohol! like i said, it’s mY birthday, any excuse to spend lots of money hehe.

thank you ladies for coming, i hope you enjoyed your evening as much as i did. muchos love yo x



mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £60pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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