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Posted on 7 December, 2014 by in cheese, food review, french | 0 comments

you’d think i would have learnt mY lesson and stayed away from the cheese after the epic #foodcoma i suffered from after jimmy’s pop up, balham lodge. nope, it’s winter and there is the need for hot cheese, cold meats and red wine! carina was feeling the exact same so we headed down to androuet in spitalfields market for dinner and a catch up on friday.

without a reservation, we were lucky to grab a table outside before the next group was due. dining al fresco with heaters and blankies, i felt like i was on holiday. i was so happy we were able to sit outside saving me from mY hate of stinky cheese. it was very pongy inside the restaurant!

over a bottle of red, carina and i had such a laugh. the fondue was amazing!!! i love mozzarella and this was just a bowl of melted stringy cheese!!! #heaven

look how stringy it was!!!


the food was epic! we dived in like hungry wolves and i got so greedy i ordered another portion. what a big mistake that was! it took forever to arrive and i asked for a side of potatoes as well which took even longer. the long wait allowed time for mY stomach to register that it was actually very full so by the time the second fondue arrived, i was feeling sick. i never do learn. the second portion was made for one person and it was just too boozy. i had to send it back for them to reduce the alcohol. oops!

overall, i loved it here!

the photos sum up our evening and meal very nicely:


this was mY second fondue ever and it seems the experience just keeps getting better and better. get yourself done here!!! they offer raclettes as well, something i’m yet to try. i’m going back again for another catch up with carina very soon!


mY rating –

food: #####

service: #####

price: from £20pp

happiness: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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